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Cataraqui Woods Elementary School Council Meeting

Monday, April 4, 2016
Conference Room 6:30 p.m.


  • Welcome and Introductions – Amy Gibson
  • Business arising from Minutes of February 1, 2016
  • School Clothing orders – need to decide which style of track pants to order – elastic or straight leg.  Voted – elastic unanimous.
  • Principal’s Profile - Due April 8, 2016.  Suggested at March 7, 2016 meeting by Casey that we include a component stating that our school requires a Principal with a Strong Special Education Background.   Since the previous version contains this component it was unanimously voted as approved for continued use.
  • Food Sharing Project – last year we made a donation of a dollar value of $250.  It was suggested that a donation of $300.00 be made.  Voted and approved unanimously.  
  • Free workshop for grade 7/8 students being offered by Lynn Sadlowski –  Career planning for students approaching highschool. Mr. Fielding suggested we let Lynn know that this has been forwarded this to the intermediate teachers and they will contact her if they can fit it into curriculum.
  • Sports Team Jersey’s – unsolicited quote received to look at mesh uniforms for our sports teams. This came in from a grandparent of a student.  This would allow us to top up our selection of uniforms.  Cost would be approximately $15.50/jersey.   Last year we donated $300 for track/field specific items.  Most sports teams are finished for this year.  We will get a quote from George ACME for a complete set of uniforms once we submit the current clothing order.  We will have a second quote for May 2nd Meeting.
  • New Business:
  • Pro Grant – Due May 29, 2016 so the funds are available for next year. -  Presentation Proposal for Sherry Campbell Group – Cost is $950/90 minutes.  Mr. Fielding will investigate further and we will review at next meeting.
  • Correspondence Sent and Received:
  • Land o Lakes rescue petting farm in Cloyne.   A parent has come forward to ask for our support to help keep the farm open.   Distance is prohibitive for us to take a field trip.  As a council we are not able to support this fundraising effort as it does not fall within our council mandate.

  • Treasurer’s Report – Colleen Rose
  • Funds still need to be moved between the ProGrant account and the council account.  Colleen will follow up with Joan to ensure this completes.  Mr. Fielding advised there is a $500 parent council grant from the school board that may have been added to the ProGrant account in error.
  • Balances are as follows:
  • ProGrant Account: $ 1449.62
  • Council Account: $ 19847.95
  • Activity recap sheet has been created for us to use going forward.   This will allow us to be fiscally responsible and easily reviewable going forward.   This will act like flash summary for each event.
  • Cheque requisition form from the Parent Council Handbook will be copied and used going forward.
  • Colleen has moved her son from Cataraqui Woods and into a private school more suited to his needs. Colleen is willing to stay on until after Party in the Park to help with transition.  Mr. Fielding will call the other candidate from September, Sahiza Hossenbaccus to see if she is willing to accept the role and continue on into next year.
  • Committee Updates:
  • Fundraising: no other
  • Year Book – pictures uploaded.  Leaving photos of all students who have moved and will take pictures of anyone who has joined since photo day.  Tracy will give Mr. Fielding access to the yearbook as well.
  • Playground – Jeff – no meeting has happened as of yet. Until grading happens this committee is in a holding pattern.
  • Party in the park – Michelle
  • Changes over previous years. Less is Much More. Basket auction to be much smaller scale.   See minutes from this committee meeting.    Marsha has reviewed the baskets from last year.  65 baskets last year was too much.  The top baskets last year give us approximately 17 baskets.  Further discussion to take place at this next committee meeting – April 12, 2016 at 630pm.  Childcare will be provided.
  • Upcoming Events
  • Dr. Sian Phillips- Parent Engagement Part 2 April 19th 6pm.
  • Danielle Aldridge has created the posters/flyers for this event and they are stunning.  
  • No planning needed other than 3 child care providers as all has been allocated during the ProGrant application.  Tracy will arrange childcare with Ms. Onyskiw.
  • Principals Report:
  • Running club used the gym to avoid the snow
  • Oral health month is in April.  Recognition assembly will have Cataraqui Dental in attendance.
  • Class trips are starting to pop up at this time of year
  • Right to Read ends in April but grade 4/5 are starting soon.  
  • Earth day April 22, 2015. Kids can wear green, blue, brown or animal print
  • Pink Day is April 13, 2016
  • MEND training will be offered to our Grade 8’s on April 6, 2016
  • Mr. Fielding is officially retiring at the end of June.  
  • Confirm date of and Set Agenda Items for next Meeting
Next Meeting: Monday, May 2nd, 2016 @ 6:30pm