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Cataraqui Woods Elementary School Council Meeting

Monday, January 11, 2016
Conference Room 6:30 p.m.


  • Welcome and Introductions
Amy Gibson called the meeting to order.  New members were introduced and regrets were received from Danielle Aldridge

  • Business arising from Minutes of December 7, 2015
  • Hot Lunch Program Updates – Shauna Peart has taken this over.  Survey was completed.  Results were equally split when it came to adding the 2nd day.  Ms. Peart has attempted to reach the volunteers to assist with hot lunch.  Jennifer S. and Marsha H have also volunteered to assist.   A “call for volunteers” should go out and we should have a committed group ready before we go to a second day per week. Next order form will also be published on the website and twitter to help reach our parents and support the shift to reduce paper.
  • School Clothing – Amy Gibson – had contact with George at Acme sports. We have used him in the past.  Pricing guidelines are as follows:
  • T-shirts $ 8-$11 + tax size is the variable
  • Long sleeve t-shirts $12-$14. + tax size is the variable
  • Hoodies $21 - $24 + tax size is the variable
  • Zip hoodies $26-$29 + tax size is the variable
Prices above are on either blue or green backgrounds – white t-shirts would increase the price.  Sweatpants are available if we wish.
Discussion arose – do we want to do this as a fundraiser?  Consensus is no, but make the price a blanket price – ie flat $11.00 for a t-shirt. This would allow us to increase each price by $1.00 and then direct those funds to new uniforms for the sports teams.
Amy will follow up with George and ask for more details and a sample to have for next meeting.

  • New Business
  • New Clubs for school – Tracy Hubbard raised this as a way to include children who are not sports focused.  Clubs like a Guitar Club, Drama, Games, Photography etc.
  • Jeff Pearce has volunteered to run a guitar club – kids bring theirs to school or use the Music Instrument Lending Library (MIL) to have a chance to play together/get a lesson and generally play together.  Mr. Fielding mentioned Long and McQuaide/Renaissance music as a rental source. This could be started in September. Further discussion will occur at a later date.
  • 2016 Outstanding Service Award Nominations – Amy Gibson
  • Deadline for applications – March 4, 2016
  • Process is very straightforward.  
  • Is awarded at a school board level.
  • Recipients must be involved with the school for 3+ years – not only employees.
  • Nominations can be sent to Amy Gibson/Michelle Brownell for review.
  • 2015-16 Premier's Awards for Accepting Schools. – Amy Gibson
  • Deadline for Nominations - February 16, 2016.
  • Process is very straightforward.  
  • Awarded at a Provincial Level
  • Nominations can be sent to Amy Gibson/Michelle Brownell for review.
  • Correspondence Sent and Received.
  • Focus with the Fronts   Friday February 5, 2016.  6pm at the K Rock Centre.
This could be a fundraising opportunity, however, council felt timing for this is not practical as it is too close to the basket auction.
  • Mr. Fielding suggested that council send a letter to Dave Fowler re water bottle filling station – Tracy will prepare and send to Michelle/Amy for review.
  • Treasurer’s Report – Colleen Rose
  • Colleen had some questions re statements/reports.  Colleen will speak with Joan to clean up the balance sheet.
  • $10, 644.61 in our General Account.  
  • Fundscript funds still outstanding – Amy will follow up on this.
  • If parents are aware of any donation/grant opportunities please let us know.
  • Committee Updates:
  • Fundraising – Amy Gibson - School clothing limited.
  • Year Book – update with Lifetouch – Tracy Hubbard
  • September Delivery
  • $15 pricepoint.
  • Heavily Student driven with guidance from both Tracy and Lorriane Commeford from Lifetouch.
  • Playground – This committee will be meeting later this month.
  • Party in the park –Michelle
  • St. Louis Wings has already committed to providing Sausages again this year.
  • Bob’s Butcher Shop has committed to providing Hot Dogs
  • Mr. Fielding has the donation letter for approval.
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Basket Auction Michelle:
  • Planning Meeting January 21/16 6pm
  • Childcare will be provided.
  • Mary Lambert – Amy – Package will be sent to students in Grade JK -6 on the day of the concert.  $5.00 from sales of each CD/DVD is donated back to the school.  
  • We pay Mary Lambert the day of.  We will need a check ready – Check Requisition has been completed.  Check will be in council mailbox and ready for us.
  • Shan Philips – date still pending in April
  • Principals Report:
  • Introduced two new staff members: Ms. McPhail – School to Community Teacher (LTO) and Mr. Higginson – Core French (LTO)
  • January Head Lice check – no cases
  • Literacy Week – Jan 25 – Build a Story, Jan 27 – Dress as your favorite character, Jan 29 – PJ day and read in
  • Upcoming Variety Show
  • Feb 9 – grade 4/5/6 – Symphony Trip
  • Feb 10 – Constable Mike Menor – 5/6/7/8 Cyberbullying and Digital Footprint
  • Feb 25 – 7/8 Teens Trashing Tobacco
  • Review of Agenda choices for next year
  • Basketball season is beginning
  • Tallacks Karate will be visiting classrooms Jan 27 to introduce Program for second term
  • Sanding and salting of playgrounds – not permitted by Facility Services of the Board … school custodian and contractor sand/salt walkways

  • Confirm date of and Set Agenda Items for next Meeting
  • Michelle to Chair
  • Basket Auction
  • Clothing update
  • Hot Lunch

Next Meeting: Monday, March 7, 2016 @ 6:30pm