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Cataraqui Woods Elementary School Council Meeting

Monday December 7, 2015
Conference Room 6:30 p.m.


  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Regrets: Michelle Brownell, Colleen Rose, Deanna Roberts.
  • Special Guest: Lorraine Commerford - Yearbook Account Partner with ~Lifetouch Canada – 2012/13 we used Lifetouch. They photograph our school so pictures are already uploaded, which makes it easy for editor. They work with the students to create the book as well. Club/Team pictures can be taken for us by LifeTouch.  School would only need an advisor for a student committee.   Cost is dependent on page quantity. Lifetouch is willing to flex with us based on our number of copies. Cost would be roughly between $15-$20 including tax/shipping. Lifetouch provides posters and flyers for the school. Orders can be placed Online or through the school in a collection envelope. Lifetouch provides a ‘Kit” of hardcopy templates, maps etc for the students.  There is no personalization of pages for each family.  Needs to be completed and ordered in May for June Delivery.  September would be in July.  Solution to have signatures is a double sided page with double stick tape to add the pages after delivery.  Suggested that we have 6 students maximum from Grade 7 and Grade 8 on this committee.  Council agreed that a September Delivery is preferred so we can include Party in the Park and Graduation.  Vote was taken: Unanimously in favour of Lifetouch.
  • Special thank you Danielle and Marsha for creating and distributing our ‘Sneak Peak’ flyers.
  • Special thank you to Jennifer and Tracy and Marsha for being here for Poinsettia pickups.
  • Business arising from Minutes of November 7, 2015
  • Council email address of is live and also connected to the “contact us” tab on the council portion of our website.
  • Tracy Hubbard has begun to update the Council Portion of the School Website. Jeff Pearce has volunteered to take this role on in the coming years.
  • Hot Lunch Program Discussion – EA, Christina Yeomans, has been running this for the students.  Parental Support could be offered.  Amy will contact Volunteers for Hot Lunch/Milk Program and connect them with Christina.
  • Trish Pittman
Maria Geenevasen
Stephanie Cronkright
Marsha Heiden
Jennifer Steinke
Potential exists to add a second hot lunch day in January.  This will be discussed and an update will follow.

  • New Business
  • Potential for a Skateboard Rack – discussion with teachers. Their feedback will be given in January.   Feedback from parents with kids at other schools.
  • Does Council Need a Facebook Page? This was suggested as an alternative method of communication.  All information going out from the school should be vetted by the Principal. The school has a twitter account. Facebook will be left at this time.
  • School Clothing for Sale again?  Could this be looked at January?   Contact is the same as last year: Amy will make contact with Acme - George Merjovec.   Mr. Fielding suggested we discuss having universal shirts that the student could personalize with their own name/number on the back. More discussion in January.
  • Correspondence Sent and Received.
  • Email from Dr. Sturdy – offers presentations for ProGrant money.  Offering a reduced rate.   We have already committed to Dr. Phillips to part B.
  • Mary Lambert – We have her February 11, 2016 from 150pm to 330pm!!  Presentation on behalf of Parent Council for JK to Grade 6 students.  
  • Treasurer’s Report – Amy gave on behalf of Colleen Rose.  Current Balance is $20,006.75.
  • Check received from Heather Price towards party in the park.
  • Fundscrip money will be received soon.
  • Two checks written for childcare last meeting, one for printing.  
  • There will be two arising from tonight for Childcare
  • Committee Updates:
  • Fundraising - NA
  • Year Book – NA
  • Basket Auction – Deferred at this time.  No council involvement for donations – that is student driven.
  • Playground – Jeff Pearce – no meeting yet as all work has been deferred at this time.  Jeff will contact all members and arrange a meeting. Could native garden be relocated to a less public spot? Could it be part of the butterfly garden?
  • Jeff Pearce
  • Angela McKercher-Mortimer
  • Mrs Powers
  • Richard Heiden
  • Jessica Bonney
Sara Spalding

  • Party in the park – Deferred to January.  All council members will be given a copy of the fundraising letter then so we can have an earlier start.
  • Upcoming Events:
  • Holiday Night – December 16, 2015 – 630 start.  Free to all
  • Popcorn
  • Hot chocolate
  • Bottled Water – Tracy will approach Culligan for bottles
  • Clementines
  • Candy Canes
  • Sweets – provided by Michelle for cost only.   Mini Cupcakes, mini cookies, candy canes.
  • Need to purchase Cups/napkins/plates.
  • Mr. Fielding advised night will take a different form due to time constraints for teaching staff.  Jeff Pearce will bring Karaoke files – nondenominational – Jeff Pearce and Gord Marshall will facilitate the vocals.  A student will be approached to assist with the MC duties.   Set up will begin at about 5pm.  30 minute breakdown meeting on December 14th at 6pm at the school.
  • Principals Report:
Mr. Fielding reviewed a number of items that had been sent out in the December newsletter (available on the school website or from the office).  He also shared a wonderful email from the coach from Trudell P.S. in regards to the sportsmanship demonstrated by our boys and girls volleyball teams and inviting us to have exhibition games next year. He concluded by sharing the school improvement plan for this school year and a video on youtube entitled “The Learning Pit” by James Nottingham.  This video brings together a number of the goals and strategies that we have been using at Cataraqui Woods ES and explains how they fit within the learning a process.  He invites all parents to view.   

  • Confirm date of and Set Agenda Items for next Meeting
Next Meeting: Monday, January 11, 2016 @ 6:30pm