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How to Register Your Child


If you are new to our school community, we extend a warm welcome to you and your family!

Parents are encouraged you to come in during the last week of August to register for the new school year,  before the first day of school on the first Tuesday after Labour Day. You are also welcome to leave a message at our school. We look forward to returning your call!


Kindergarten marks a new beginning for you and your child. It is a time of new discoveries and challenges as your child makes the transition from home to school. As parents and as educators we all want to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Early childhood is a significant period in human development. Independence, initiative, decision-making, creativity, the ability to learn, the ability to relate to others and feelings of self worth all have their beginnings in early childhood. What young children learn at this stage will have major impact on future successful learning experiences. Kindergarten is the foundation of the school continuum.

Cataraqui Wood E.S.'s Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten Program provides learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate, responsive to the diverse needs of young children and which promote a positive attitude toward life long learning.

Please contact us in order to register your child for Kindergarten this year..

Children may start school in September if they turn age 4 (Junior Kindergarten) or turn age 5 (Senior Kindergarten) by December 31st of that year. Students currently enrolled in Junior Kindergarten at our school do not need to register.


*Registration forms are also available at school, from the Main Office.

When registering your child, please remember to bring along:

- Proof of your child's age (birth certificate, passport, etc.)
-Your child's Ontario Health Card
-Your child's immunization record (for more information visit KFL&a Public Health)

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